Getting to Work on Time

watch1.Get ready the night before

Lay out your outfit, shower, set up your coffee pot, have breakfast planned out, place piece of fruit and breakfast bar in bag, make a lunch if appropriate, set an alarm, check your email, and get a good night’s sleep! At that point, come morning, you can drift out of the house on auto-pilot.

  1. Keep your car fueled and/or purchase a ticket in advance

Plan for inconvenience. Continuously add to your time estimate. If needed, keep your car fueled and running properly and buy any tickets or tokens in advance. If driving, use your GPS to avoid the morning traffic snags

  1. Disregard the convenience stops

Ahhh! A morning comfort coffee stop sounds great however keep in mind the line at the cashier. Try to bring your morning coffee in a travel cup. A breakfast bar or a piece of fruit can be eaten along the way or saved as a snack on your break.  Being on-time can actually save you some “fancy coffee” money!

  1. Arrive at work with a positive attitude

The Mayo Clinic proposes that positive attitudes and a good demeanor help you mentally and you will adapt better under possible stressful circumstances at work. When you show a decent frame of mind, your collaborators will also, making your working environment pleasant.