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Inspired by our candidates, we pro-actively seek rewarding employment opportunities that will empower you to progress in your career.
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Getting a Good Start

Good Impression

Now that you’ve found your new job, how do you make the best impression? We have provided a few tips we think will help you make the best impression on your new boss and co-workers and make your new position a little easier. A new position always requires a good deal of work in the beginning to become effective in your new role. It’s up to you if this becomes a challenge or a burden.

1. Make a good first impression.

You will be spending a great deal of time in the near future with your new co-workers. Always be polite and humble with your interactions. You must get to know these people and let them get to know the real you before you will begin to work effectively with each other. Try to find co-workers with similar interests and roles in the company.

2. Learn as much as possible.

Learn your tasks as quickly as possible. Your primary goal should be to become productive as quickly as possible. Your enthusiasm will be noticed. Until you get proficient with your new position, your workload must be shared by your co-workers. The quicker you become effective, the quicker these added responsibilities are removed from your co-workers.

3. Learn the office politics from your co-workers.

Once you have become friends with your co-workers you can begin to understand the politics of the office. Watch how your co-workers handle delicate situations and learn from them.

4. Be mindful of your time.

Most positions allow un-scrutinized time for lunch, but taking long lunches often will be noticed. Be aware of your times while in work, you do not want anyone to get the wrong impression about your work ethic.